About us

I-AM CREATING MY OWN REALITY is a small family run business in the rural village of Ford, in the West Coast of Scotland.  There is myself, Joanne and my  3 children.  
Having had to give up work a few years ago due to ill health I really was starting to feel a bit lost and knew there must be something which I could do from home and also work around the school holidays!  After much soul searching,  I-AM CREATING MY OWN REALITY was born and the designing of our candles began.  This really was so much fun and gave us all something positive to focus on again.   

Our aim is to spread good energy, positivity and encourage others to live their best life. 

During the difficult times (and believe me there was difficult times!)  and nearly hitting rock bottom, I knew that things had to change and I had to take back control of my life again.  This is when the power of Positive Affirmations were put to the test.  And WOW is all I can say on that!  With practice and consistency and truly believing in the power of those two little words, I-AM, things began to change.  No longer did I focus on the negative, but I learned to be truly grateful for the positives, no matter how small they were.

I truly believe that "I-AM are the two most powerful words you will ever say or think, as what you put after them creates your reality"

Lets all share the love, and what better way than a nice hot soak in the tub with an I-AM bath bomb and scented candle.  You have no excuses to forget to practice your affirmation then!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you love all the goodies as much as we do.


Hugs & kisses




P.S We have  very strict views on animal welfare and make sure that none of the products we sell are ever tested on animals.